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I’d love to come knead life with your group!

Workshops & retreats:

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASpend the day working through the basics steps of bread making while taking time throughout the process to consider the ingredients of our own lives, how we’re kneading them together, what’s taking shape or form in our lives, and how things are transforming in and around us. This workshop works well as a spiritual retreat, a staff building event, or even as a way to enjoy meaningful time together with your book club!

bread retreat pic 3What participants are saying:

“I wanted to tell you how much I loved and appreciated your bread-baking retreat.. ..I wasn’t even aware of how much I needed it–and you’ve fired me up to bake a loaf. A million thanks for guiding us…”   Rita M

“Words cannot adequately express my gratitude…thank you from the bottom of my heart…Your invitation to rest is much needed by all of us.  Keep on with your loving passion for life!”  Mary M

I’m also available to come as a guest to spend time with your group  to speak about bread and life. Get re-inspired and awaken to the remembrance that as we pay closer attention to our lives, we find that life is happening where we are.  Right now.

Hope to see you around the bread bowl!


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Mary’s story with bread

One of my favorite posts: The Game of Life

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Scheduling now for summer workshops; other offerings currently available on a limited basis


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  1. Yesterday I participated in your “Kneading Life” Retreat, all I can say is WOW! Yes the bread is amazing and of course I learned some valuable tricks and the fear of yeast has been lifted from my world, however it was the movement of spirit in that space that really touched me. Our oneness came into clarity as we shared our stories around the meaning of bread for our lives. My body leaving this retreat was feeling like it had just been massaged from head to toe, relaxed, free of toxins and more aware of where my life is today in the process of creation. Thank you Mary!

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