Recipe Index

Amaze-Your-Friends Italian Bread

Best Biscuits Ever!



Chocolate Cherry Bread

Chocolate Filled Brioche rolls

CInnamon rolls with a twist and a trick

Coffee Cake:  Caryn’s Gold

Crumbs and Croutons

Gluten Free Cashew Butter Bread (yum!)

Grilled Balsamic glazed stuffed portobellos

Hearty-Hold-You-Over-In-Winter Bread

Honey Whole Wheat Bread (Bridal Edition)

It-doesn’t-get-better-than-this grilled chicken sandwich

Lemon Lavender danish

Maple Cream Cheese Coffee Cake

Muiolatte (Grandma’s stuffed bread)

No-Fail-Anybody-Can-Do-It Focaccia

No-Knead-Take-Your-Time Brioche

No-Reason-Not-To-Make-It English muffin bread

Pumpkin Yeast Bread

Roasted veggie pizza with maple balsamic glaze

Rosemary sesame seed crackers

Rustic Rhubarb Not-Too-Sweet Cake

Salted Maple Glazed popcorn

Scavenger’s bread

Susan’s Brittle

Swedish limpa (rye) bread

Yes-It’s-Really-That-Simple: Fougasse


2 thoughts on “Recipe Index

  1. Wondering if you have any 100% whole wheat bread recipes that work. I’m trying to cut back on white flour and sugar and I suspect that most whole wheat breads I could bake at home wouldn’t taste as good as ones that have bread flour in them. Thanks.

    • I’m still playing with 100% whole wheat recipes. Haven’t really discovered yet one that makes a nice sandwich bread. I’ll let you know…..or you can let me know if you find one! Can you start with a whole wheat mix? If so, try the honey whole wheat in the Recipe Index and keep upping the wheat flour and decreasing the white until you find one you can enjoy!

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