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What’s cooking besides bread?

In November, we’ll be traveling to the Berkshire mountains to visit with our good friend, Nancy Babcock.  This trip was Darrell’s idea because it’s the 23rd Cider Fest in Franklin County!  Darrell’s still in his hard cider-making learning curve and trying to figure out the best methods for everything from brewing to pruning. I’m trying to be patient with all the bubbling carboys in the dining room!  He assures me he’ll be bottling soon.  You can see the post from a previous trip: In memory of Svea….) and learn how to make Nancy’s grandmother’s Swedish LImpa bread!

March is maple syrup season here in upstate New York. Darrell will have the trees tapped and his home-made yurt set up out back. I’ll take you on a tour of his one man operation and cook up some breads using what he produces.  Last year, my Maple Cream Coffee Cake took the blue ribbon at the Genessee Country Museum’s Cooking with Maple Contest.  Stay tuned for the recipe and a new entry! (see post about this year’s contest: And the results are in…) The winning entry

By the time school is out at the end of March, we’ll make our annual visit to the colonial village in Williamsburg, Virginia.  This year we’ll be there for Independence Day when the cannons are fired and the fife and drum corps make their way down the Duke of Gloucester Street! Come explore with us! We’ll be on the lookout for the beehive ovens hoping to see them in operation as we head back in time to the 1700s!

Garden equipment... colonial style!

Garden equipment… colonial style!

Stay tuned.  Darrell and I have been asked to do a workshop locally on mindful homesteading.  Tentatively we’re scheduled for late February at the ogden farmer’s library. 

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