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What’s cooking besides bread in 2014?

In February, we’ll be travelling to the Berkshire mountains to visit with our good friend, Nancy Babcock.  While Darrell puts in her new wood floors, she and I will be experimenting with bread in her tulikivi.  You won’t want to miss meeting Nancy who has done everything from soap making to overseeing the raising of her timber framed house. (see the post from our trip: In memory of Svea….)

Making soap under Nancy's watchful eye.  Who says too many cooks spoil the soap??

Making soap under Nancy’s watchful eye. Who says too many cooks spoil the broth??

March is maple syrup season here in upstate New York. Darrell will have the trees tapped and his home-made yurt set up out back. I’ll take you on a tour of his one man operation and cook up some breads using what he produces.  Last year, my Maple Cream Coffee Cake took the blue ribbon at the Genessee Country Museum’s Cooking with Maple Contest.  Stay tuned for the recipe and a new entry! (see post about this year’s contest: And the results are in…) The winning entryOver April break I’ll be traveling with friends to the south of France; near Marseille.  I plan on sampling and learning what I can about bread in the local boulangeries (…and maybe sampling some patisserie, too!)


By the time school is out at the end of June, we’ll make our annual visit to the colonial village in Williamsburg, Virginia.  This year we’ll be there for Independence Day when the cannons are fired and the fife and drum corps make their way down the Duke of Gloucester Street! Come explore with us! We’ll be on the lookout for the beehive ovens hoping to see them in operation as we head back in time to the 1700s!

Garden equipment... colonial style!

Garden equipment… colonial style!

Save the date!  On July 22,from 6:30 – 8:00 I’ll be at the Seymour Library in Brockport sharing some of my journey and some of my sourdough starter!  The topic will be “Sourdough, it’s not just for bread!”  We’ll talk about (and I’ll demo) how to showcase some of our abundant summer fruits here in upstate NY in sourdough biscuits and scones!  You have to sign up, but I’ll update as the date gets closer.  seymour

I’m still hoping to travel into the beautiful Catskill Mountains to co-facilitate a day long retreat centering on both bread and life with Amy Gillingham of Wildroots Farm. Over the last few years, Amy has held a vision of building community around her outdoor bake oven and I’m looking forward to becoming a part of that dream! She has two great children that she home-schools, Iris and Roan, who might be willing to give us a tour of the farm. Who knows? We could even get introduced to an heirloom sheep or two.

Stay tuned.  This is just the beginning.  Leave a comment on your own ideas for future special events!



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