Story index


And the Results are In!  (the Baking Contest at the Genesee Country museum!)

Bagel Love and a trip back to the 70s

Berry dilemma

Biscotti Road trip

Coda (in memory of my mom for Mother’s Day)

Culinary tribute to Jane austen

Curiosity Did Not Kill the Cat!

Do Small Things with Great Love

Enter through the back door

Family Gold

Finding Balance

In Memory or Svea Ulricka Setreus Boehme

Keep it Simple

Magic in the Kitchen

My Grandmother’s Cookies

My Near Stint as a Felon (haven’t we all done something we’ve regretted?)

One Drop at a Time (advice on living life…and maple syruping!)

Pilgrimage (the climb of Mount Saint Baume)


Revamping Recipes, Revamping Life  (Darrell’s life transformation!)

Saturday Morning Ritual (savoring time with loved ones!)

Seeing with new eyes

Susan’s Story:  brittle

Taking Flight (the end days with my mom)

This is the house that Love built

These are a few of my favorite things!

Tinker Away Darrell (on scavengers and tinker-ers!)

Tis the season

The Game of Life  (a story of life….and of dying)

Unexpected Gifts (my last birthday with mom)

Welcome to the Hosmer Inn (a great adventure in food!)

While I Stood Kneading

18th Century Bread…and Life!


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