An Invitation

invitation 3We forget sometimes that life is happening where we are.

Right now.

I spent many years seeking answers to life’s big questions outside of myself until my mother’s illness slowed me down.

While I’ve always leaned to the practical side, it hadn’t dawned on me that everything I needed to know could be found moment to moment in the raising of my kids, in the planting of seeds in our garden, in the tending of the fire in the woodstove, and yes, even in the process of making bread right in my own kitchen.

That realization was only the beginning.

I invite you along as I begin a year of deepening my relationship with both bread and life. I’ve set an intention to bake a new yeasted bread a week beginning in January of 2014. I’ll post each week; sharing stories and recipes, and listening to some of yours.

Since what I’ve learned about bread has come mostly through experience, I’m planning to work on the technical aspects of bread baking through experimentation and maybe even some tips and tidbits from readers.

at the tableFor me, it’s equally important to take time to consider the ingredients of our lives, how we’re kneading life together, whether we can allow ourselves to rest into the organic process of   becoming, and what’s transforming in and around us.

When you sign up on the email list, beginning in December, I’ll send you a weekly reminder to check-in, not only with what’s taking shape here in the kitchen, but with what’s taking shape in your life. 

It’s a great time to just pause for a moment, pour yourself a cup of coffee, and join in on our conversation.

I hope you’ll consider coming along with me even if you’re not inspired to make bread because we all knead life and here’s a place for us to share the journey.

Hope to see you around the bread bowl!


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2 thoughts on “An Invitation

  1. It seems most appropriate that my introduction to your blog is being shared with my morning coffee and the most amazing toast made from bread we made together yesterday. We are all teachers of life for each other, but few lead me to that place of knowing the way you do, Thank you for the blessings we share together.


  2. Thanks to your inspiration I plan on spending some quality time in the kitchen making bread with my husband and kneading life! Thanks Mary……..sue

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