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Spring is a great time to try something new!  In this class we’ll explore endless possibilities with hearth breads that will be great (and easy) additions to the upcoming picnic season.  This is a dough that’s so versatile that you’ll want to be familiar with it!  I use it for everything from a pull-off-a-piece and share bread to hamburger buns! Whether you’re an experienced bread baker or just starting your journey, you’ll enjoy this class! 

Class sizes are limited to 9 participants.  Register early!!

Hope to see you around the bread bowl!

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5 thoughts on “Upcoming Class!

  1. Went to Mary’s focaccia bread class this past Saturday. This was my 3rd or fourth class with her. When I attended my first class a few years ago I was definetly a bread making rookie! Mary’s class was so relaxed, she tells you, shows you, and lets you participate. By the time I left I felt really comfortable that I could go home and replicate what I had learned with her. She sent me home with a folder full of helpful tips and recipes. Most important I had seen and felt what the process and end result of the recipes would be. With this I was confident enough to start baking on my own, and I did. When she offered more classes I jumped at the chance to learn more from her, and I have. With this last class she shared her recipe and techniques for her focaccia bread. She showed us how versatile it can be, while we sampled how delicious it is. Mary’s classes always entertain, she creates an atmosphere that you can feel comfortable to ask questions, and share stories.

    • Thanks, Erin! I have a take-away from your sharing at class, too. I’m going to start cubing, drying and storing my bread ends to use for stuffing and not just make them all into croutons! :)

  2. I attended the Hearth Bread class in May and loved it! I learned a lot and will be sharing this knowledge with my family and friends. I love Mary’s philosophy of “keeping cooking/baking and life simple”–that is indeed what I believe too! I am looking forward to Mary’s next class!
    Thanks Mary W.

    P.S. Mary, I have working on my sour dough starter and am now ready to “make” something with it. could you email me some recipes for bread, rolls and biscuits? I looked under your recipe list and couldn’t find any for the sour dough,
    Thank you!!!

    • Yes! I’ll send you some of the recipes I have particularly for sourdough biscuits and scones. Watch for a public library program over the summer on them! I’ll post it when I have a date!

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